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Five unbelievable inheritance stories

phone-directory The aristocrat who left his fortune to 70 strangers Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara distributed his vast fortune among 70 people listed in a Lisbon phone directory. They were contacted after his death though they were chosen in front of two witnesses at a registry office 13 years before. homless_guys_inherit_billions Homeless brothers who inherited GBP 4 billion Zsolt and GezaPeladi were a pair of penniless brothers who in a bizarre twist of fate inherited GBP 4 billion in family fortunes. The Hungarian brothers were so poor that they were living in a cave outside Budapest and sold scraps for pennies. Now they both live with a sister in America after inheriting their grandmother’s massive fortune. a96948_10-NinaWang Richest woman in Asia gives away a multi-billion dollar fortune to a Feng Shui master Nina Wang died of cancer at the age of 69 years and left her vast fortunes to her feng shui master Tony Chan as a promise of eternal life. Wang had no children and her previous will had left her vast fortunes for her family and a few charities. treasure Teenager who inherited a treasure island Josh’s grandfather Samuel was not happy with the idea of his daughter marrying a man from different religious faith. However, the old man fond of his grandson whom he had met very few times and left a 36-acre island and more than 80 acres of farmland in his will. The will had a clause that detailed a list of unique jewelry and gems kept in a thermos hidden on the island. a96948_9-Millar The man who left his fortune to the woman would bear highest number of children within 10 years of his death Millar was known during his lifetime for his astute knowledge of law and investments; he was also recognized for the pranks he played targeting people’s hypocrisy and greed. He continued his legacy to his grave as he made a number of playful bequests in his will, the most quirky of them being Millar’s estate’s balance would be converted to cash ten years after his death and given to a woman who gave birth to the highest number of children in that duration. This was known as the Great Stock Derby. Summary: Quirky inheritances are made mostly who spent their lifetime chasing wealth and never had the opportunity to think in the family way, though many have decided to play with their wealth to irk undesirable family members too.]]>


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