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Five ultimate home designing ideas

simple-white-storage-understairs 1.   Limited No. of Stairs: While planning the structure of your house, go for the minimum number of stairs, as they are difficult to climb when you grow old. Also, try to avoid multi story and raised entrance designs. The main door should be such that it gives you a direct view of what’s going on in the street and also visitors and trespassers. A guide to choosing the best bathroom flooring 2.   Slip Resistant and Comfortable Flooring: A variety of tiles is now available in the markets that provide you a better grip on the floor while maintaining its beauty. Using small tiles with less slipping surface area, cork flooring and carpet tiles can prove very beneficial to replace old mats and other such materials. natural-light-window-treatments 3.   Use of Natural Light: Natural sunlight is far better as compared to artificial lighting systems both, economically and psychologically. Maximum use of daylight should be made by adding windows or skylight or through the modern Solatube systems, which capture sunlight and directs it to the interior reflecting tubes of the house. Living-with-Art0004 4.   Detail Planning: Arrangements in the important areas of the house should be made such that you don’t have to crazy searching small things such as a towel in the bathroom or apron in the kitchen. This can be irritating for all the family members. Recessed storage should be included in the house wherever necessary to cut the clatter. Moen-iodigital 5.   Shower Heads: For some family members even tiny obstructions in the washroom can matter a lot. Use of curb less, Roll in or multi head showers is the best way to keep your bathroom suitable for all the members and water free. Cabinets and toilets should be at a considerable distance from the shower area. Summary: These simple but useful suggestions will help you to derive the maximum pleasure from your stay at home and will be acceptable by all the members of the house.]]>


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