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Five tips to safeguard your home and family from burglars

It is reported that nearly 1.5 million residential burglaries occur in the United States alone every year, with thieve mainly targeting valuables, electronics and jewelry. As such, it becomes very important for you to protect your home as well as your family from theft. Here are some tips to help you do the same.


Home Security System

If you stay away from home for extended periods, then consider investing in a quality security system that would keep your home and family members safe. Burglars are more prone to commit crimes elsewhere if they come face to face with a home that has a functioning security system. Some companies also allow you to buy these systems for free, asking only for a monthly monitoring fee in return.

Keep your Yard Clean

Agree that it is a tough job. But keeping your yard clean and clutter free can actually ward off burglars who are more prone to attack houses that have lots of trees and shrubs. So keep the trees and shrubs in your yard trimmed. You can also opt to plant thorny plants beneath windows, and keep sheds, garages and gates locked in order to deter burglars.

Keep Lighting Options

Having some lighting options in and around your home can help you keep it safe from burglars. Keep the front porch and entrance always lit at night. Invest in some heat sensing lights that would turn on immediately if they sense a human presence near them. Low wattage bulbs would also cast light shadows which would give away burglars should they choose to hide in them.


Maintain a Lived In Look

When you leave your home for the day, consider setting some timers on the lights and other electronics so that they switch onn and off at several intervals during the day. This would look as if someone is inside the house at all times, thereby giving it a lived in look that would discourage burglars from breaking in. Change the intervals regularly to confuse possible intruders as well.

Keep Good Neighbors

It always pays to maintain a friendly or at least a cordial relationship with your neighbors. This way, they can immediately come to your aid in case a burglar enters your home while you are away. You can also get together with some people from the neighborhood to create a neighborhood watch program, taking turns to watch each other’s homes at regular intervals. This would keep burglars away from the entire neighborhood.

A burglary can be a setback for the entire family, especially if you lose something you value a lot. So keep this tips in mind when you decide to safeguard your home in the near future.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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