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Five simple and effective ways to decorate small hallways

Most of us tend to neglect small hallways when it comes to decorating a house. A hallway can be considered as the gate to your home (or any other room in your home). And anyone who visiting your home would get a general feeling of how it would look the moment they enter the hallway. If you have a small, undecorated hallway in your home, then here are some design tips that would help you out.


Place a Rug

One of the best ways to decorate a small hallway is to place a nice looking rug on the floor, running the entire length of the hallway. This would draw attention to your hardwood flooring, and would also show out your creative sense to others.


Place Lights on Walls or Ceiling Fixtures

Hallways need to be warm and inviting. You can achieve this by placing lights on the walls or on ceiling fixtures. These would illuminate the hallway and make it brighter. If you have a narrow hallway, use wall scones to give off the impression of a larger space. Avoid table lamps as they may cramp an already cramped hallway space.


Paint the Walls

An instant way to increase space in the hallway is to paint its walls with light colors which would open up the available space as opposed to dark colors that would make the space look smaller. Go for shades of white, beige and bead board for a fresh, bright and homely look for your hallway.


Place Photos

A person walking into your hallway must be captivated by it instantly, for this would make him/her feel more welcome in your home. An excellent way to do that is to line the walls of the hallway with memorable photos of loved ones. If you want a uniform look, opt for matching frames. However, if you want to display a little quirkiness, opt for different frame designs that still complement each other. Make sure the frames you choose complement the rest of the décor in the hallway as well.


Place Accessories

In addition to all these options, another way to decorate a small hallway and increase its space is to place mirrors on the walls. A medium sized mirror placed at the end of a hallway would reflect back space, making your hallway look twice as big. Placing several mirrors on the walls can also do the same thing and let you enjoy a bigger looking hallway.


Just because you are stuck with a small hallway doesn’t mean you need to leave it barren. Here are some simple tips to decorate your hallway to make it bigger, brighter and more inviting.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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