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Five ideas for your apartment stolen from magazines

Here are some ways which you could follow to maintain your home in a more secure. You need not spend any money to make your secure. Yes, this is true. You can really maintain make your home secure by following certain tricks and some good habits.


Location: Location plays a very important when it comes to home security. Always rent or buy a home in good neighborhood. Make sure that you always take a decision after doing proper research.  As the house discrimination has been increasing a lot these days it would be always better for you to do your own research before buying or renting a site. You need to also go through the crime statistics of the area which you decided to live in. You can also go through the newspapers to find information on the area which you decided to live in.

Hand holding key (with key hole)

Get smart: The people living in friendly communities usually think that they don’t need to lock their home doors. But, this is where everybody goes wrong! You need to always use the door locks to protect your home. Make sure that you don’t open the doors if some strangers come.


Call police: There are many departments which have home security inspection programs.  A designated officer will help you by advising a right alarm system to your home.


Neighborhood watch program: Keep an eye on others home too. This would help you in finding about your locality. You need to also leave your porch light all along the day. It would be also better, if you leave the trash out of your home while going for a tour. This might help you to protect your home from thieves.

Dog at window

Dog and home digital clocks: It is always better to buy a dog for your home. A dog will protect your home from strangers. You could purchase the digital clocks which alarm at every 15 to 30min. This would be your best choice to protect your home from burglars. You can also put the dog inside your home too while going to our. This will help you better than leaving the dog outside of your home.

These are the five best ideas which you could follow to protect your home or apartment from the burglars. As the burglars are increasing day by day these days there is a great necessity for you to follow the above tips to protect your home.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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