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Five facts about Mars that would surprise you

IDL TIFF file The Seventh Largest Planet Mars happens to be the seventh largest planet in the Solar System. Its diameter is half that of the earth’s (roughly 4212 miles), and its mass is 1/10 of the earth’s mass as well. The gravitational force experienced on Mars is just 1/3 of what one would experience on earth. Research indicates that Mar’s core is made mostly of iron along with slight traces of nickel. However, the size of the core is estimated to be much smaller than earth, because of which its magnetic field is also smaller, resulting in probably a solid core unlike the liquid core found on earth, The Closest Surface to Earth The surface on Mars is considered the closest one to Earth when compared to the other planets in the solar system. Even then, living conditions would be extremely hard on the planet, which experiences temperature extremes of +60 and -225 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature on the planet is touted to be -67 degrees. Planet-Mars The Best Hope for Life The atmosphere of Mars is made of small traces of Carbon dioxide (95.3%), argon (1.6%), oxygen (0.15%), nitrogen (2.7%) and water (0.03%). As such, it can be considered the next best hope for life away from earth. The Satellites Two satellites orbit very close to Mar’s surface. They are Phobos, which has a radius of 11 km and orbits the planet at a distance of 9000 km, and Deimos, which has a radius of 6 km and orbits at a distance of 23463.2 km from the planet’s surface. The Geological Characteristics There are some amazing geological aspects of Mars, including the presence of the Olympus Mons, the largest volcanic mountain in the entire solar system and the northern region of Tharsis, which houses huge volcanic mountains and craters. Mars also includes the Valles Marineris, the enormous equatorial rift valley, which can easily fit the Grand Canyon of Arizona in any one of its side canyons. Summary There are some incredible facts you would need to know about Mars. So wait for the day when humans finally start traveling to and settling down in the Red Planet.]]>


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