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Organize Your Home/Office Space with these Creative Wall Hooks

While most of us tend to think that stuffing everything in giant cupboards is the only way to organize stuff around the house. However, there are simpler and more creative ways to do the same. For instance, wall hooks. Although pretty small in size, wall hooks can come in several shapes, designs and colors, making your home look more organized and vibrant. Here are 5 really innovative wall hooks that would transform the look of a room instantly.


Turned and Pegged Coat Hook

Designed by Thelermont Hupton, these wall hooks look like small pieces of wood protruding from a larger piece of wood that actually acts as the base. The smaller pieces of wood act as the coat hooks, and come in different shades of blue, black and white in addition to their natural shade. And you will be surprised to note that these hooks are made out of turned ash.


Toy Block Wall Hook

Here’s a creative way to use all those toy blocks left lying around the house by your kid. Crafted by design studio Sung, the Toy Block Wall Hooks have been made out of reused toy building blocks. An innovative way to invite people to hang their keys and coats on these hooks upon entering your home.


Chess Pieces Wall Hooks

These classic wall hooks resemble the individual pieces used in a chess game and come in two colors (you guessed it); black and white. The individual pieces are slightly larger than your average chess pieces and come attached to a base. The design was the brainchild of Malin Lundmark who made these pieces for Karl Anderson and Soner.


Roll Hook

Designed by Thelermont Hupton again, the Roll Hooks would definitely appeal to those who love quirky, childish and yet really creative designs. The design consists of a single stretch of glossy wood that supports several vibrant balls of different colors and sizes. The balls are arranged haphazardly along the length of the base, adding to the quirkiness of the design.


Metal Coat Hooks

These large sized metal coat hooks from Stilleben would give a great artistic effect to your room. The individual metal coat hooks come in different shades of neon and can be mounted anywhere you want. You can make interesting patterns with these hooks or just mount them as a group for a classy feel.


Wall hooks would definitely save you the trouble of stuffing everything into cupboards and then searching for them later. Keys, purses, coats, you name it! All these can be hung neatly in a designated spot with these creative wall hooks. So start checking for some really artistic designs to turn your house around, as well as make a style statement.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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