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Five cool yet incredible mirror designs

Mirrors are an inseparable part of our daily lives. From the time we get up from bed in the morning till the time we go to sleep at night, mirrors we need mirrors to look at ourselves and judge our appearance. Mirrors, which were once owned only by royalties, have now become an essential accessory for every home. Following are some extraordinary mirror designs that would entice you completely. razorblade-mirror The Razorblade Mirror: Inspired by the shape of a razorblade, this mirror design is the creativity of Phil Sims from Suck, U.K.  This mirror is a perfect décor item for your house walls and has the name of Sweeney Todd inscribed on it on the front side. Apart from being just a mirror, the mirror is an exclusive decorative item. stocco-touch-screen-mirror Touch Screen MP3 Mirror: If you think mirrors as merely an item to look at yourself here is a complete revelation for you. The Stocco Maitre mirror is loaded with an in built touch screen console in its lower-right corner. This feature enables easy programming and operation of functions such as radio, calendar, and barometer along with an MP3 player. So, now, enjoy your favorite music in the bathroom while changing or having a shower. shoot00 Interactive Mirror: The credit of creating this unique mirror design goes to Alpay Kasal. The interactive mirror is loaded with features such as proximity sensors, gesturing and near and far field infrared. In short, this is a touch capable mirror and its patenting is under processing. who-tall-are-you-mirror-3788 How tall are you, mirror: You can now measure your height and compare it with that of your favorite celebrities. This mirror has listed 120 celebs according to their height, and it attracts people to make them look like their role models. narcisse_mirrors_pviji Narcisse Mirror: The Narcisse mirror collection contains mirrors of the artists. The collection is been launched by the Domestic, a French Design brand, which includes mirror designs from Matali Crasset, 5.5 Designers and Ich&Ka. The quality, design and workmanship of the frame of the mirrors are there special attractive feature. Summary: Mirrors, as symbol of self-appreciation, have gained a central position in everybody’s life. All these attractive mirror designs would surely make you fall in love with yourself all over again. The incredible creativity behind these mirrors suffice to say that mirrors are indeed very powerful.]]>


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