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Five cool home décor items made using books

Have several books lying around the house that you simply don’t have the heart to throw away? Then why don’t you put them to good use instead? There are so many ways you can use books as decorative items around the home, rather than just stacking them up in bookshelves. So if you happen to be a book lover who would do anything to keep your prized books with you, take a cue from these creative home décor ideas using books.


Pipe Installation

This would be excellent way to make your home look clutter prettier, especially if you several ugly pipes visible and running around the house. Just place some books in the nooks and corners of the pipes to create an instant metal bookshelf that would leave everyone gaping with wonder. In addition to concealing the ugliness of the pipes, you would be making sure your books are kept in a proper place.


Fireplace Bookshelf

There is no better way than to turn an unused fireplace into a bookshelf. Take this design for example. If you have an unused fireplace in you your home, you can turn it into a bookshelf with simple remodeling. This way you can not only utilize the idle space but also store your books in an elegant manner.


Staircase Design

Some homes would have storage cabinets beneath the staircases. However, if you really want an innovative bookshelf for your books, consider this home décor design. You can place the bookshelf right next to the staircase that goes up with it through the different levels of the house. The narrow design is eye catching and gives the impression of a separate staircase for books.


Book Bookshelf

How about turning your old books into bookshelves? All you would need is clamp and a support to hold the book in its place on the wall and voila! Your DIY book bookshelf is ready to hold some books. A creative idea for the library or study room we say.

book-clock_1 (1)

Book Clocks

Have some unused books, you do not know what to do with? Then consider turning them into table clocks. Simply attach the front dial and hands on the book cover and connect them to the mechanism aptly placed inside the book. Your book clock is ready to roll!


You can opt to use your books for home décor items in so many other ways. These popular designs can serve as an inspiration for you, as you rake up your brains to come up with some cool ways to put your books to use.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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