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Striking Drinking Glass Sets you should definitely be looking out for

A striking drinking glass set would definitely steal the show in any dinner or party. In addition to giving off a modern vibe to the entire scenario, these glasses can make beautiful gifts, and can also hog the limelight in your glassware cabinet. Here are 5 trendy drinking glass sets you don’t want to miss out on.


Recycled Drinking Glass Set

If you want to buy a really unique piece of glassware, head over to GlassWares byEtsy, a company known for its stunning varieties of glassware, including vintage, artistic and even handmade pieces. Look out for this unique piece that has been crafted entirely of recycled Aranciata mini-juice bottles. The glasses have a slight green tint, and a bumpy textures that resembles the look sported by sparkling juice bottles (the same frosty look you get when you fill the glass with ice). They come in sets of 4, and would be the perfect choice for serving juice or drinks in parties.


Vintage Teal Anchor Hocking Drinking Glasses

Another trademark design from Etsy, these glasses come with a striking teal shade that was adored in the 70s. The short tumblers follow a clean cut design and look really colorful. A really good way to show everyone that you are still in touch with your roots. You can get them at the Vintage Biffan run by Etsy.


Mingle Bar Glasses

A striking way to show off your taste in gold and platinum, the Mingle Bar Glasses from Crate and Barrel come with interspersed platinum and gold strands that give a unique, classy touch to the glass. The glasses come separately, but can be ordered in multiples as well. They would make the perfect additions to your glassware collection aimed for holiday entertaining.


Lula Cordial Glasses

Designed by Crate and Barrel, the Lula Cordial Drinking Glass set would definitely add a touch of vibrant color to the otherwise colorless glassware collection in your home. The glasses come in sets of 6, with each glass being a different color. The pattern on the glasses displays a vintage look that is hard to beat. And the set comes with a wooden box for gifting purposes as well. Definitely a must have for cordial get-togethers we think.


Archival Glass Set

No two fingers of the hand are alike. That’s probably what the designers of Crate and Barrel thought when they came out with this drinking glass set. Designed after the 5 Mid-Century modern designs, the USP of this set is that no two glasses look the same. Each glass follows an interesting shape and design, and we think that would be a definite plus point in parties where you are entertaining people with varying mindsets.


Whether for display purposes or for use in parties and get-togethers, a nice looking drinking glass set would grab everyone’s attention. Better yet, a well-designed, eye-catching drinking glass set would definitely make you the envy of near and dear ones who would surely rush to the store to get one of these sets.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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