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Feng-shui tips for decorating and organizing your home office

09_DOOL_110407_CD_L1_H1 Many professionals overlook the necessity and importance of harmony of energies around their working place. They use any available free space available in their homes for sitting down and working on their laptops. With the help of some easy Feng-shui tips, you can create a well-balanced working space. Good Feng-shui can turn around your career and help you earn more fame and money. Entrepreneurs and busy professionals who need a home office must designate a specific area for work. You should conduct all your business from one particular area so that the energy of wealth can flow harmoniously around you without any obstacles or hindrances. cre-cove-home-office-group The modern businesspersons have the tendency of working wherever they sit down. Business is conducted through the smart phones and laptops. If you keep changing your working space then the energy of wealth will not be able to influence you in a positive way. Bedroom is not suitable for working. The energy of the bedroom is feminine or Ying in nature. This type of energy is stagnant and do not promote growth. Make sure that your working space is not cluttered with useless objects. Too many random papers, files, books and other knick-knacks may block the flow of energy. Clutter can decrease your level of energy and delays work. If you ever feel lacking energy or face a sudden creativity block, clean your surroundings and specially your work area. Put the papers, files and other stuff neatly away. fengshui The positive and negative energies both come inside your workspace from the doors and windows. If you sit facing the door then the positive energies will come to you. However, you have to prevent the negative energy from affecting your work. By placing a palm tree near the door inside the office will prevent negative energy from disrupting your work. Buy a glass pot and fill it with 8 bamboo stalks. Place the pot just outside the door of your home office for good luck. Summary: Simple and easy to follow Feng-shui tips can change the flow of energy throughout your home office and bring good luck. Choose a particular working space and keep it clean for drawing positive, natural energy to yourself.]]>


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