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Essential kitchen gadgets for a healthy life

Screen-shot-2012-09-07-at-8.03.07-PM Juicers: Fruit and vegetables are very useful for our health and for this; a juicer is the perfect solution. Freshly squeezed juices contain large amount of minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. Apart from taking out juice, a juicer can be used for other purposes as well. Some types of juicers and their functions are –

  1. a.      Centrifugal Juicer: It juices fruits and vegetables speedily and is loaded with spinning blades that are designed for quick shredding.
  2. b.      Masticating Juicer: This juicer shreds fruits and vegetables slowly but is ideal for juicing grasses like the wheatgrass with high vitamin content. 
713wzKFhDwL._SL1500_ Slow Cookers/Crock Pots: Slow cookers cook the food using its moist heat thus eliminating the need of cooking oil. They are more energy efficient as compared to conventional ovens and involve the slow long cooking process. 0007574104820_500X500 Popcorn Poppers: Popcorn too is a healthy diet in itself provided; it is cooked in a healthy way without slurring it with butter and oil. Popcorn poppers make healthy popcorn only by using hot air to expand them. WBToasterOven2 Toaster Ovens: You can cook a variety of meals from chicken to sandwiches in a toaster oven, which are extremely popular these days. The most striking feature of these ovens is that they warm up very quickly and are more energy efficient than conventional ovens. breadmaking-machine-bread-maker-machine-2 Bread Maker: You can now have the joy of eating homemade bread rather than the unhealthy bread from the store with this unique machine. All you need to do is to put all the ingredients require to make bread inside the machine and sit back relaxing. The machine does everything from the kneading the dough to baking the loaf perfectly. Summary: From yoghurt maker to egg poacher, numerous kitchen gadgets are available to give you a healthy life. Think about the gadget that suits your cooking style the best and enjoy healthy cooking.]]>


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