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Enhance your house using bamboo door curtains

Customising your house can be done in many ways. The options available for home decor are expanding day by day. You just need to get the theme correct. Options as per the theme will be readily available in the market. One such home decor idea that generally gets neglected is the usage of bamboo door curtains. They are generally used to cover up open doorways. Many people used metal doors or wooden doors for the same purpose. Bamboos are generally a product of the East. However, if matched with contemporary interiors they enhance the look. Moreover, they are cheap and easily available. Bamboo-Curtains-for-Sliding-Glass-Doors Bamboo curtains are easy to install as compared to the wooden or metal doors that take time and effort to install. Moreover, the latter need expert guidance and specialised labour for installation. However, bamboo curtains are easy and can be installed without any guidance. Just a few specifications noted and you yourself can install these curtains. They are prepared by beaded strands that flow vertically over the doorway. They cover the doorway perfectly and are flexible enough, so that a person can walk directly through the strands. Do not be worried about the privacy or opaqueness of the curtains. They provide equal safety as compared to any other wooden or metal door curtains. Moreover, they are lightweight and do not occupy as much space as the latter. Different colours are available in the market. Bamboo-Blinds-Lowes-Bakker-Window However, one disadvantage of installing bamboo door curtains is that, they cannot be locked. These curtains do not have the space and texture to install locks in them. Some people like privacy and their own space in the house. Such curtains do not prove useful when you have guests in your house. However, this might not be the case for everyone. Some people like socializing and partying, bamboo curtains can be beneficial during such times. As they are easy to move around and do not make noise like the door does. If you have small kids in your house, then these curtains can be beneficial. As they do not have any locking system, so you don’t have to worry about kids locking themselves up. Summary: Bamboo door curtains can be a good alternative to the boring and traditional metal and wooden doors. Moreover, easy to install and cheap in price they can look attractive and unique in your house.]]>

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