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Energy-efficient SmarterRoofs reflect and retain…?

The Symposium on the Climate Change in London witnessed the US Energy Secretary Steven Chu raising concerns over global warming. He went on to suggest painting roofs white so that the maximum reflection keeps your interiors cooler. On a similar line, Peterson Dean offers a solution to the present quandary. It proposes the use of SmarterRoofs™ that reflect the sunlight while not compromising on its absorption by the light color roofing tiles.

Yes, it’s a bit contradictory since reflection and retention can’t go together. What makes it possible then?

Reflection – Retention = SmarterRoofssmarterroofresidential 1
When the sun shines at its best in summer, it heats roofs up to over 170 degrees Fahrenheit. It further raises the building’s temperature by 30 degrees. Consequently, you need to put more money on the cooling options. However, the reflective SmarterRoofs™ reflect the sun rays into the atmosphere and don’t allow the building temperature to rise, hence bringing down your summer utility rates by 30%. Well, it’s justified.

As we all know, solar energy becomes usable when it’s captured and converted from the sun’s rays into electrical current. Generally, we will appreciate maximum retention as more energy could be produced. Quite the reverse, minimum retention and maximum reflection is what sums up the efficiency of any solar energy system. If the system doesn’t get too hot, it’s more efficient and can smartly serve you more. Therefore, this serves as the basis for PetersenDean SmarterRoofs™ since it sets up a unique balance between reflection and retention. In fact, this cool system in itself adds to the efficiency.

Cooler Roofs + High Efficiency = SmarterRoofs
PetersonDean’s solar energy offsets your on-grid electricity bills by 90% and actually costs less to install, and lasts up to 40 percent longer than their older roofing counterparts. On one hand, it reduces energy consumption on cooling solutions while on the other, it provides the solar electricity generated by the sun. Undoubtedly, PetersonDean truly follows Obama’s call in extending the “One-Two” punch.

Considering the advocacy and denial of global warming, it’s the solution for both. The concept advocates solar solutions and for deniers, it urges them to make the most of when the sun shines at its best.

Image Credit: OCR Solar And Roofing/PetersonDean

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