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Effective Design Tips for Exterior Windows

Windows serve important purposes in every room. Not only are they used for ventilation, they let the right amount of sunlight enter the home at different times of the day. They are also considered as the best ways to connect with the outside world while staying indoors. So why not give them some importance and choose some interesting design styles for them rather than opting for the same boring, old rectangular frame window? Here are some tips that can help you choose the right design style for your exterior window.

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Choose according to background architectural style

Take the basic architectural design of your house before deciding on the specific design style for your home. This would enable you to choose a design that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. For instance, you can opt for floor to ceiling windows for a modern home, and classic diamond shaped windows for a Tudor style home.

Choose according to colors

Colored window exteriors can add a touch of liveliness to your home. So try to color coordinate your window design with the basic architectural style of your home. Opt for metal or wooden frames that have factory colors infused into them beforehand. Check with paint professionals about painting the window exteriors as they would be able to offer the best advice when it comes to updating your home’s window exteriors.


Choose according to ventilation requirements

The main purpose of a window is to allow for proper ventilation in the house. So choose the window design according to the amount of ventilation you require in that particular room. For example, you can opt for fixed windows for large rooms that are air conditioned or for really small windows, and for operable windows (you can open and close them) for rooms that need ventilation via other means.

Choose according to sunlight

Deciding where you need to place the windows in your home’s basic architectural design would to an extent, help keep out the sunlight at times when you find it unwelcoming. For instance, keeping the windows at a certain angle or orientation would prevent the morning sun from seeping into the room, or the midday sunlight from entering the room and heating the interiors. Choosing the exact spot where you want the windows to be in would also ensure that your home heats up in the winters and cools in the summers, thereby saving you money on utility bills.

Choose according to operability

If you want to opt for operable windows, choose from different types to add a creative touch to your home. For instance, the classic hash window has one moveable portion that can move horizontally or vertically while the other portion remains fixed. Double hung windows come with both parts operable, and can also move horizontally or vertically. And awning windows can be opened at angles with one end hinged.


The windows in your house can be more than an accessory for ventilation. With these creative designs for exterior windows, you can make sure your windows look beautiful inside out in addition to serving the purpose for which they were designed in the first place.

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