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Duck successfully fathers chicken, a new hope for extinct species

New discoveries and inventions come into light almost every other day as scientists all over the globe are putting in their knowledge to make this world a better place to live. Hybrids and cross breeding are two known concepts and they are quite popular as well. The scientists based in Dubai took both of these concepts a bit further by their strange discoveries. The aim of their research was to produce more number of fertile hens and in order to achieve their objective they injected the DNA of a duck in order to produce eggs and then sperm them into a chicken. This particular experiment was carried out by the scientists at Central Veterinary Research Laboratory in Dubai. This does sound intriguing therefore let us dig deep and find out more about this latest development. A step further by Dubai scientists orellana_Organic_and_Inorganic_Synthesis_Laboratory With the help and assistance from Dr. McGrew who happens to be a scientist from the Roslin Institute based in Dubai the team of scientists at the laboratory hopes that the end result of the experiment will be a chicken being able to give birth to more than one kinds of bird species such as eagles and songbirds. The scientists also have a ray of hope that this innovative technique can also be utilized to breed the endangered and extinct species some day. The scientists however are not able to provide any substantial reasoning for creating the new species and some people also consider the particular idea as a crazy one. One of the member of the team of scientists said that science can be addressed as strange and terrifying plus he also added that the idea of animals giving birth to different kinds is also quite terrifying. Such situations make people think that the creativity of extensive knowledge of the scientists must be used in order to preserve the existing species and not in generating some new ones. chicken The world today is facing extreme problems such as overpopulation which happens to be the major cause for more than one serious issue today. The problem of overpopulation has led to the condition that is not favorable for even the existing species to survive and let alone the birth of new ones. Therefore it is worth considering that is this the only way that can help us survive in this world?]]>

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