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Seven disposable products you should never buy

Disposable products

While you are trying to have an eco-friendly attitude, try to recall if you have made use of any disposable stuff the day before. Well think it could be a razor, tissue, contact lenses or a ballpoint pen. No need to feel guilty. It’s not just you, everyone around has got used to the throwaway culture. Several people go for disposable products either because they are convenient or they are cheap. Big business wants it to be so as disposable products denote repeat buyers. Why not get a rechargeable battery that you can charge overnight? Think over it wisely, reusable options always work as a cheaper option in the long term.

It is always easy to cut on the disposable stuffs you buy. Here is a list of disposable things that one should avoid:

1. Plastic cups, plates and cutlery

Plastic plates and cutlery

You can’t recycle disposable cups, plate and cutleries. Actually when cardboard, paper or plastic gets contaminated with food, it becomes difficult to recycle them unless they are carefully cleaned. If you are a coffee drinker, then carry your own coffee mug and if you are a caterer, then make use of regular plates and coffee mugs instead of the disposable ones.

2. Diapers


Cloth diapers are an accepted substitute to disposable ones. Of course, parents throughout the world have used cloth diapers, but some of the diaper manufacturers, such as Pampers and Huggies have changed that attitude. These disposable diapers are convenient to just fold up and throw away.

Although disposable diapers end up in landfill, these cloth diapers need washing thereby costing water and energy. Some commentators state that both have a similar environmental impact. But isn’t it important to avoid landfill waste rather avoiding water and energy usage.

3. Pens and stationary

Pens and stationary

The use and throw ballpoint pens have become a most common trend as you don’t have to every time refill them and at the same time they are very cheap.

How about getting a refillable pen instead? It won’t cost you more at the same time you will contribute your bit to reduce the amount of plastic dumped in landfill. Well not to forget a good pen can last for generations. A still better option is to look for stationary products made out of recycled materials, including pencils made from vending machine cups.

4. Tissues and paper towels

Tissues and paper towels

Using a handkerchief in today’s generation associated with the time of our fathers and grandfathers. People prefer tissues instead. But a handkerchief is always a preferable option as they hardly fall apart like tissues and have several uses as well.

It takes 544,000 trees to cater to the Americans’ one year of paper towel habit each year; if you include disposable paper napkins, the number would cross 1 million. Horrible, isn’t it? Here you plant a tree to reduce global warming and on the other side cutting them down for stupid paper needs. Make use of cloth rags or dusters to clean up the spills in the kitchen, rather making use of paper towels. This will also save money. These used kerchiefs and rags can be washed together with your laundry clothes without wasting extra energy at the same time causing negligible harm to environment.

5. Plastic shopping bags

Plastic shopping bags

Whenever you go for shopping, every store will hand you a separate bag made of plastic. You can imagine the amount of plastic you are disposing with these bags. Why not adopt the idea of carrying a shopping bag along which can last long, for instance, bags made of cloth. They are easy to carry at the same time can hold up everything you purchase and will also reduce the burden of carrying multiple bags.

But, what about those plastic bags you already have. Think of reusing it keep one in your pocket or your purse. So that every time you shop, instead of taking a new bag you can use the one you are carrying.

6. Razors


Most of us prefer using disposable razors as the most convenient option, but you can try a different option as well an eco-friendlier option. Get yourself a straight razor, with blades that can be re-sharpened, go for an electric razor or why not try re-usable razors with disposable blades.

7. Furniture


Though furniture are not disposed as often as tissues, they have a larger impact than the rest. Whenever you think of furniture, think per piece in terms of years, the higher you think the better. Solid wood furniture is durable and stands longer in comparison to the ones made of plywood. They are cheap but do easily fall apart in a matter of year or two, forcing you to replace it.

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