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Designers reveal new ideas at 20’s era mansion

A lot of people might be thinking of decorating their new homes or some of them might also be planning to redecorate their existing ones. It is a common practice and the trends of home décor keep changing with time and new ones keep entering the market. If you are indeed looking for home décor ideas then you can drop in at 21 S Parkview Ave. in Berkley as that is where a lot of designers will reveal their creative ideas in the upcoming event. This mansion will be hub of the decorator’s this season and a perfect spot to pick some awesome ideas for decorating your home.

2013 Decorator Show House 3

The 20th biennial event will commence from 12th May 2013 and it is hosted by Women’s board of the Columbus museum of art and this event will highlight the work and ideas of total sixteen interior designers from the local areas and four landscapers as well. The idea of a show house is wonderful as told by Subha Lembach who is the co-chairman of the show house as it is a great way to lay hands on some of the great ideas of the designers.

The site for the show house was announced sometime in the last fall and the designers wasted no time in getting started. They began to use their imagination and creativity to design every room and the work for it began in the month of February and it was done by the beginning of March. There are two staircases in the house which allow a great flow to the place and all the rooms are quite spacious which gave the designers a lot to work on and show their creativity said Dawn Franz who happens to be the co-chairwoman of the show house.


Susan Matrka interiors took a very creative road and teamed pink furniture along with blue porcelain vases to go with neutral colors of the living room’s walls. Each and every area of the house including every room and the pantry is designed beautifully by the designers and depicts their fine taste and understanding. John Wilson who represents CRI creations designed a bedroom that looks masculine in every way as it has features such as a custom painted ceiling which is bronze colored. To cut the long story short, the house looks great as some of the best local designers have shown their expertise in it.


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