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Fireplaces for the bold and the luxurious


A group of close friends, a few mugs of your favourite brew and a blazing fire to warm that chilly winter night. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Fireplaces have for time immemorial spawned ideas of passion, romance and warmth. An elegant and stylish fireplace is sure to add that extra dazzle to your home and hearth. We present an eclectic collection of designer fireplaces from the world over for you to mull upon.

1. Rectangular Fireplace

fireplace1 opt

From the house of Kamin Design from Germany, here is an elegant rectangular fireplace that uses modern, environmentally friendly technology to burn biofuel without generating smoke. It doesn’t require a chimney, and can be easily fit in many decor styles.

2. Model 71

fireplace5 opt

A sleek and angular design blending brushed metal, glass and granite. Model 71 by Modus Design is a wall mountable fireplace that can be tailored to fit individual tastes and lifestyles.

3. LUX60

fireplace6 opt

Slightly unconventional in design, the LUX60 fireplace from the house of Heat & Glo combines modern style with a spectacular flame. Stainless steel fire tubes replace traditional logs, while innovative LED lighting allows you to enjoy six distinct colors.

4. Igloo Glass


The EcoSmart Igloo Glass Fireplace is designed with a futuristic appeal to enhance any contemporary décor. It’s distinctive and original, featuring a toughened glass surround to lend it a “disappearing” effect.

5. Mazzetto Blanco


Elegant and a wee bit Gothic in look, this designer fireplace from the house of Redwitz is of the wall-mountable variety.

6. Artimat Prisma


The design house of Anglia gives us this beautiful, contemporary creation. The mystical pyramid-shaped fireplace is a vision of grace and adds manifold to any living space.

7. Palladio

palladio opt

The Palladio by Platonic has a unique contemporary feel, but will work equally well in period homes. The proportions of this fireplace will suit large living spaces.

8. Eclypsya

eclypsa opt

Stylish, graceful and urbane, Eclypsya fireplace by the French design house of Arkiane is sure to spark a conversation around itself.

9. Focus Fireplace

focus opt

The latest fireplace from Focus Creation by French designer Dominique Imbert continues his company’s decades long history of designing and producing Modern contemporary pieces.

10. Twinsteel

aktys opt

The house of Aktys has created this very unique wall-mountable fireplace, that exudes a rustic charm.

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