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Denon unveils sculptural Cocoon speaker dock in two variants

Renowned audio firm Denon has now taken wraps off its two new speaker docks – Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable – that feature a glossy make, an iPod/iPhone dock and the AirPlay functionality that lets you stream music directly from your iDevices. The Cocoon is the first iPod/iPhone dock from the house of Denon and it has been designed elegantly to give a stiff competition to the already popular speaker docks on the shelves.  Available in lustrous black and white versions, the Cocoon has been acoustically optimized to enrich audiophiles with a cleaner and richer sound experience.

The AirPlay-compatible Cocoon Home integrates two 4mm tweeters and two 100mm woofers that get their juice from four channel Class D amp. There is the 3.5mm input and a an USB port to connect the Cocoon to the external sources. The Cocoon Home speaker dock also comes with an integrated internet radio and it automatically connects to your wireless home network. The docking tray retracts when the Cocoon is not in use, but it keeps functioning as a display. The OLED display shows you the source, album information, volume indication or time.

The Cocoon Portable has almost the same features as with the Cocoon Home, but it doesn’t have the USP port and features dual 100mm full range speakers instead of the four channel setup. The built-in battery keeps the water-resistant Cocoon Portable running for five hours, so that you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. Featuring monocoque construction, the Cocoon Portable comes with an integrated handle to carry it here and there with utmost ease.

While the Denon Cocoon Portable costs $499, the Cocoon Home will set you back $599.

Via: Cnet/TechCrunch


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