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Deep-sea diving robot hits on a quirky marine world

one of the creatures discovered in the underwater Did you ever imagine an octopus with elephant-like ears or bats-like hanging scallops? If not, you must have at least seen similar ones in kids’ animations and fictions of a quirky world, where marine creatures talk and behave like humans!

But, what would you say, if such creatures are claimed to be existing in real-life? It would definitely raise your brows. Yep, scientists eventually have discovered such a bizarre-living marine world of the Sable gully, a protected area and also other regions off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

If this marine world’s being lost for so long is raising questions, then let me tell you that this underwater gully can not be reached and explored by humans. It was only by using Canada’s most powerful deep-sea diving robot, that the marine scientists reached the otherwise inscrutable zone.

The quirky octopus with ears like an elephant was spotted at 2,500 meters underwater. The meter-long octopus was found to have fins near its eyes!
The robot also captured images of many such peculiar creatures that have never been seen before – like the orange scallops hanging from underwater cliffs and the corals colored like yellow and pink bubblegum.

These findings definitely have triggered the nosiness of the scientists, revealing the fact that much of the marine nature has still remained unexplored. It is perhaps just a “patch-discovery”.

To add to, such discoveries may be of effective help in understanding the ocean life’s diversity and providing ingredients for making life-caring drugs.


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