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Decor Ideas For Bedrooms Of Newlywed Couples

bedroom-ideas Should be lit well and airy The bedroom for a newly must be bright and airy and should consist of windows preferably facing the south. It should also be well lit and light. A dim and a dull room tend to create negative vibes in the minds of the couple. The room should also have proper ventilation so that it does not smell of newly painted paints. Try painting toe room with colors like azure white, or peach or yellow. Mix it up with some complementary matching pillow covers and furniture. Try out light shades on the walls. Avoid dark shades like black, blue or brown. The best color to choose would be as per preference of the bride because she would be the new person who would be coming to stay in the room. The bedroom of a newlywed should consist of a bathroom as well that should be clean and hygienic, smell well with good color combination and bright lights. A good shower curtain will also do the trick. The bathroom door should not be directly facing the bed.  Soft-Brown-and-White-Apartment-Bedrooms Placement of furniture If you have a TV in the room avoid placing the TV just adjacent to the bed. This may cause many mental distractions. Also, avoid placing a mirror, on front or on sides of the bed. lux-bedroom-design-for-newly-wed-couples-1024x770 Bedroom furniture Bedroom furniture is also important for newlyweds. Ensure that there is enough space for the bride and the groom to put their things in order. There should be enough storage space. The bedroom furniture color should complement the color of the bedroom walls as well. pink-white-cute-bedroom-ideas-for-couples Room Décor Try placing some fresh smelling flowers in the room. This will create a romantic atmosphere in the rooms. Also, decorate the bed with matching pillows and matching bed sheets. The bed sheet can be embroidered or just stitched as well. Also, ensure that the curtains are fresh, bright and small good. Try out these tips and your bedroom would be as nicer than ever.]]>


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