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Decor Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Home

Many people are of the notion that home décor should be expensive. However In the modern generation, with so many cheap and affordable materials of various designs, colors, shapes and sizes, the notion seems to be proved false. Home décor does not need to be expensive. It can be fun decorating your room if you have the right kind of designs and plans in mind. And the fun increases with kids around.


A kid’s friendly home décor should be friendly, hygienic, eco friendly and playful. You can decorate your kids room in a variety of ways incorporating, double children beds, toys, study table, and other things with a little bit of creativity and color.

How to decorate you room in a kid friendly manner

Decorating your kid’s room can be fun and exciting. The ambience should be play fool and jovial. Make sure to incorporate colorful walls, easy cleaning upholstery, carton pictures, soft beddings, unique patterned rugs, beanbags and eco friendly toys.

Choose the right paint

Choose the right paint while decorating the room. The paint should be stain free and odor free. Accentuate your kid’s room with the brightest of colors, as it feels nice. Also try and use latex paints as those are stain free and can be wiped with a damp sponge whenever required.

wood vinyl flooring

Choosing the furniture

Choose furniture’s made of wood which match the colors of the walls. Also ensure that furniture in a children’s room are round edged so that your children do not get hurt. Never choose very delicate or lacey materials for your Childs room. Use material that can be washed easily. Buy furniture that is delicate and harmless. The best kind of bed that looks nice and save space as well is the double bunk beds for more than one child. One compartment can also be converted into a play area for kids.


Go for flooring that can be cleared up with the help of a single mop. Tiles, wood floor, laminate and linoleum are the best alternatives to beautify your kid’s room.


You can also draw cartoon on the walls, paste your Childs favorite hero, and also paste shining  moons and stars on the walls so that it can create the effect of a night sky in the dark. Decorate the room with your kid’s drawings and paintings and also change the photo frames now and then.

You can follow these room decoration ideas for a great kid’s room.

Home Décor does not need to be extravagant. Your home can be decorated in the simplest of manner with simple and affordable furniture and creativity in mind. Here are some ideas for decorating your kids room in the most simplest of ways.

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