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Curtain rods: Why not do it yourself?

Decorating the house is not as easy a task as it appears to many of us. It takes a lot of creativity decorating your house according to your own taste and style. One of the most important aspects in decorating your house these days is the bay curtains. It sounds simple, but to come up with such ideas, with which you can make this simple task look easy and impressive on completion, is difficult. With a little effort, you can have your own hand made and cheap curtain rods for your beautiful house.    prodotti-76210-rel6a886ff0ab1a38f28497489d24e737c3 Half of the thing is over, when we finalize the color combination, but the so-called toughest part is to place the bay rods and make them look good with curtains. First, you need to buy a rod from the market, but you should not expect them to be in length you need, and for that, the pipe cutter would be the solution. Measure the size of the windows, specifically the width, and then start the task of cutting the rod accordingly. Do not forget to mark the rod according to the width you have measured, it would make the task a little simpler for you. Pipe cutter makes a smooth cut without giving sharp edges. Once this is over you should spray paint the pipe to get a cleaner look. You have the liberty to choose your favourite color. 6Q11230BKalt1260x1599   To get the professional look, you can spray paint screws you are using. You can get the curtain rings and finials from the nearest store. Now, you do not need to be precise with the rest of the work. Remember that there are no hard and fast rues for getting it done. When you attach the clips, lay your curtain flat on the ground, as you have to leave an equal space between clips. Pinch the section of curtain, you want to attach the ring in, and then simply clip the ring right on to the pinched fabric. 0184804_PE336652_S5 Now gather them to slide on to the rod and add the finials on either end. It is not at all that tricky. In addition, the money you are going to save would make you happier. You should just follow your instincts and plan everything a minute ago. Do not forget to get the needed material from the store. Summary: Once you take initiative to do the task of making curtain rods on your own, you would find yourself enjoying it. You would hardly wait to see the results.]]>


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