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Eight creative coffee tables for your living area

Nautica Coffee Table

A coffee table in your living room serves as the centerpiece that you just cannot do without. A family gathering, a get together or just a cup of coffee, you would need your coffee table every day. The centerpiece has to be as sophisticated and useful as any wooden work or interiors in your house. It is the center of attraction for your living room; hence, it has to live up to the expectations. You might roam around the market looking for the one, which suits you the best but you will end up finding the ones you have already seen at your neighbor’s house. You need something useful and very innovative that can make your living room stand apart. Here is a list of the eight most creative coffee tables that we guarantee you would not see lying around at just every place.

1. Noguchi coffee table

Noguchi Coffee Table

Sculptor Isamu Noguchi is the designer behind this classic blend of art and furniture. This table was first produced in association with the Herman Miller Company in 1944. The design of this distinctive living room/coffee table is achieved by joining a curved, wood base with a freeform glass top. This has been an element of the most elegant homes since 1948.

2. Domino design coffee table

Domino Coffee Table

The innovative design comes from the Canadian SIDD Fine Woodworking. This is a fine example of handmade craftsmanship in the domino inspired framework. Each table is made by a single craftsman, developed within a period of six weeks. The underside of the table bears the signature of the artisan.

3. Fender coffee table

Fender Coffee Table

A fine maple wood constructed custom-made table with the vintage look of Fender Stratocasters. It is tuned with chrome plating pegs and silk-screened graphics. The Fender table is the symbol of peace, melody, and harmony, which would rest in your living room in the form of the most unconventional design.

4. Nautica coffee table

Nautica Coffee Table

Everything Nautical brings you the innovative Nautical Rowing Dowry Table, which is definitely one of the best looking and the most productive coffee tables you would see around you. Instead of being jacked in the docs, this Nautical will enlighten your living room. The table is 48 inches long with a very thoughtful design that bears detachable oars and a glass to top the table. The shelves are also removable which can be used separately and with the table as a bookshelf.

5. iLounge coffee table

iLounge Coffee Table

Crafted skillfully by the iLounge Readers Ken Thomas, Tuan Nguyan and others, this is the mega size iPhone, which you would love to keep in your living room and use its interface and widgets even more productively. The table is made from cardboard glued with white glue. The icons can be used as something to rest your mugs on. This is indeed a very creative design, which is highly unlikely to be seen elsewhere until the Chinese manufacturers decide to supply its replicas.

6. Motoart coffee table

Motoart Coffee Table

Have you ever considered using aircraft arts to decorate your home? Well, now you should. The Motoart coffee table design is made from the recycled parts of aircrafts. This is utterly a unique design coffee table made from the phantom afterburner cans and fighter planes and bomber aircraft’s recycled parts. To enhance the show, the LEDs light up the dark with red vibrant light.

7. ROSIE coffee table

ROSIE Coffee Table

The ROSIE Coffee Table is the world’s first touch panel controlled interactive coffee table that costs a whooping sum but with time is likely to reduce the cost just as all other technological innovations do. This amazing coffee table is embedded with the Apple OS based interface and Intel processor chip.

8. The Coffin coffee table

Coffin Coffee Table

Not to mention but this multi-purpose coffee table is meant to make your visitors curious and scare them a little bit. The designer Charles Constantine from Halfway House Design has designed this biodegradable coffin coffee table from pinewood with the storage capacity for books, wine, eatables and much more.

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