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Create your own open-plan kitchen

9553632213_f8e200fdb0_z Create your own open-plan kitchen Open-plan kitchens are a perfect solution in homes where you entertain guests and cook for family as well but do not want to be closed in in the kitchen while all the fun and gossip is happening in the living room. People also prefer an open-kitchen than a separate closed one since it provides space and light in an otherwise small area. In fact, if you feel your apartment is small and cramped, then you should go for an open-kitchen by knocking own the walls and combining it with the living room outside.

  • Units that blend – When you are combining two rooms into one, you cannot affor for them too look like only the wall has been knocked down with no other arrangement made. Choose unit that blend in well with the liing room to make it seem like a single space instead of two. Not doing that will make the whole effect ugly with the glaring differences.
  • Appliances – When choosing appliances, opt for quiet ones that do their job without making a whole lot of noise. The whole plan to indulge in conversations while still being in the kitchen will fall flat if you cannot hear yourself or the guests over the din.
  • A kitchen island – Use the kitchen island to separate the living room and the rest of the kitchen. You can also use it as a breakfast bar or serve your guests knick-knacks while they sit across it while you are preparing the food.
  • Colors that blend – Make the kitchen a part of the rest of the house and use the same decorating scheme so that the set up is a perfect blend.
Always remember that with an open kitchen you cannot afford to be too noisy or dirty with all the cooking and cleaning as you will share it with the guests sitting right there. That is why most people comment that open-kitchens are for people who rarely cook. Nonetheless, it is stylish and makes sure you do not miss out on the fun part and gossip while you are in the kitchen. Mot guests actually like to contribute a little or even marvel at the way things are being whiffed up and cooked so that is a bonus as well.]]>


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