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Create beautiful entrances for your home

Modern-Entry-Ideas-500x400   Create beautiful entrances for your home

  • Doors – The door is the first thing anyone is going to notice when they come knocking ( or ringing the bell). It is possible to create a statement with your door by coloring it in bright and vibrant hues that are pleasing to the eyes as well. Try going for red, cobalts set against a good backdrop color and integrating well with the rest of the house exteriors. Apart from colors of doors, try out some spectacular designs of doors themselves that make a statement. A strong, oak door in beautiful brown or a door which opens into two halves strewn with intricate designs and work leave no stone unturned to create a good feel about the home itself.
  • Doorbell, doormat and doorknob – Apart from the doors, the bells , mats and knobs can play an important part in completing the look without too much of effort put it . You can get statement pieces anywhere from a store to your local flea market if you just keep an eye out. Find out pieces which complement your sense of style.
  • Lighting solutions – Lights in the front of the house are even more important when it is evening time and visitors come knocking. Get beautiful pendant lights to illuminate your front porch and make a statement with it. You do not have to go overboard on your expenses. A simple, elegant piece of two will be more than enough to serve elegance and beauty to the whole exteriors.
  • The porch – The pathway on which people walk up to your house can be a source of beauty and grab eyeballs (if that is important to you). With a little bit of effort, you can go for greeneries, shrubs and beautiful flowers that will make your house look so pleasant and amazing you will be surprised yourself. If you are not one who takes an interest in gardening, find someone who does or plant low maintenance greenery that will not take much of your efforts, except maybe trimming at intervals and watering. Two potted trees, which are optimum size placed on both sides of the door is another simple and easy solution.


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