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Seven cool lamps to light up your kid’s room

Ice cream cone lampsLamps give brightness and add color to the aura of the room. Every color has its special meaning and adds up spice in life. Kids are the spirit of the home and their room needs to be lighted and decorated properly. Lamps are the source of light in the room and if designed nicely, they give an all together different look to the home decor. Here is the collection of seven cool lamps to light up your kid’s room.

1. Bear undercover

Bear UndercoverStuff toys are like the stars of kids’ eye. This bear undercover is amalgamation of both a teddy bear and a lamp. This teddy has a lamp shade to light up the room instead of his head. The shade is made of black fabric that enhances the teddy’s golden color and round figure. This sweet teddy can be placed anywhere as it is handy and convenient to keep anywhere.

2. Ice cream cone lamps eco friendly bulbs

Ice cream cone lampsJust the name ice cream makes the mouth of the children watery and tempting. So the designers created ice cream cone lamps which look like the ice cream cone those lights up the room. These awesome cones are embedded with CFL bulbs to light up the room. Ice cream cone lamps are eco friendly and well designed bulbs which will look great in your child’s room. These sizzling lamps are present in tinge of white and honeycomb and are attached to cable and UK electrical fitting.

3. Loch Ness Light

Loch Ness LightThe Loch Ness Light is a bendable lamp that can twist and turn in all directions. These lamps are ideal for the children as they can do their homework and reading under its light. These are attractive and are present in various colors. It has color changing LEDs for different lightening systems.

4. DIY: Drinking straw lamp

spring pendent light-Drinking straw lamp is made of drinking straws of bright colors that is a good decorative piece and a brilliant lamp for your kid’s room. The DIY lightening gives flavor and brightness to the room.

5. Alien Abduction lamp

Alien Abduction lampLasse Klein designed the marvelous Alien Abduction lamp which will be definitely liked by the kids interested in any E.T. This scintillating lamp have high quality Perspex beam and a removable Bovine Abductees. It is wedged with glowing green and dark cockpit. 3 stage UFO control antenna and fake grass is used to attract kids towards it.

6. Spring loaded light

Spring loaded lightThe wiggle lamp is made of colorful feathers and is fluffy and soft. It is embedded with a 25w candelabras bulb and is attached to a spring pole. The spring keeps on moving to and fro with delightful colors.

7. Good Dog

dog lamp-This awesome dog lamp is so sensitive that if anybody pats its head the light goes on. This dog lamp can be kept on desk or any convenient place and will be like a decorative piece. This piece will be liked by children as it has unique sensitive feature.

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