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Things to consider when choosing a floor style for your child’s bedroom

Bedroom for kids

A lot of thought goes into decorating your child’s bedroom. Kids tend to play, dance, eat, and practice crafts. Their room should be a place where they feel comfortable and will be safe always. So, you should pick the flooring for your young ones room wisely. Do not splurge too much on the flooring as most of the times the floor required for a toddler is not useful anymore when they grow older. But at the same time ensure that it has a few vital properties. Lets take a look at a few features we should consider for the floors in the kids rooms:

1. Floors that are easy to clean are a relief for parents as kids tend to spill and stain them easily. Vinyl, wood, and ceramic tiled floors can be cleaned up effortlessly. Refrain from using sisal which is very tough to clean.

2. Most kids play about in their room, so the flooring should not be very hard or corrosive. Kids should be able to race their cars or drag their wheeled pushchairs on them. Additionally, sturdy floors that can withstand wearing away are very important.

3. Children tend to use floors roughly without much thinking. Bamboo and laminate floors are good options if you are looking for these traits. Avoid stone floors as they are extremely hard and can injure children.

4. Kinds also tend to jump and run about a lot; so they might be tripping over often. So, if you have a hard flooring, cover it with a wall to wall carpet or rugs. However, there is a slight hiccup with carpets. They will get soiled easily and become wet if someone spills on them. A good alternative is carpet tiles that can be replaced easily if they have been sullied. If you do use carpets, prefer nylon ones that will look the same no matter how long you tread along on them.

5. The best option therefore is to go for softer surfaces like rubber tiles or foam floors that can cushion falls. Such floors encourage your child to move about be active. Also, softer surfaces absorb noise that children tend to make.

6. Also, don’t use slippery surfaces that will increase the likelihood of accidents. Allergy proof floors are again a good choice to safeguard your kids form dust, pollens and other allergies .

7. Use attractive flooring which will keep your little ones in good spirits. Also, you can opt for maps, alluring scenery, foliage designs, etc on the floors.

8. Rubber has antimicrobial properties thus is capable of resisting growth of fungi and molds. Cork is a very good option, it is soft and can be scrubbed without much efforts.

9. Bamboo floors are also not very hard but they can become a little slippery when wet. You can also combine two types of floors, both soft and hard in the same room.

10. A good idea is to have a scratch resistant hard floor and cover it with interlocking rubber mats. You can remove these mats when your children grow up.

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