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Chicago up in arms against Michigan lake pollution caused by oil refinery

polution in lake michigan

Chicagoans are up in arms against the government’s decision to let a refinery discharge pollutants into Lake Michigan. The action will intoxicate the Great lakes, rehabilitation plan of which is already underway.
bps whiting refinery on expansion mode

The largest oil refinery in Midwest on an expansion mode is a subsidiary of BP, which produces 16 million gallons of oil products a day. If the Whiting refinery is permitted to discharge toxics like ammonia, sulphur and other solid products into the lake, it will poison the lake environment. However, the government is hell bent on going for the proposed expansion of the refinery, citing job offers to residents of Indiana as an excuse basically to lure them. It is also expected to produce over 620 million gasoline every year to feed the Americans. However, the more important outcome will be the 35 per cent increase in the discharge suspended solids and ammonia into the lake on per day basis. The most affected will be the marine environment especially the fish and the planktons.

If the refinery expansion is of utmost importance for Indiana or the U.S., than it must be kept in mind that wastewater treatment plants, should be constructed wherever possible around the Whiting refinery, which will treat the intoxicants before they meet the lake.

Quite surprising, that a country like America, where we often hear outcries by environmentalists and conservationists, such a step is due. Development is essential, but keeping in mind the effect on environment. Because once disturbed, it wont be possible to recover it.



Via: The New York Times

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