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5 Ways to Renovate Your Granny’s Carpet

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You are a person with a very modern taste in interiors. Your Granny’s carpet is a priced heirloom possession. You don’t wish to get away with it, but neither does it fit into your scheme of interiors. It is not the kind of carpet you would want to place in your living room. Alternatively, storing it away in the attic is certainly not a good idea. Carpets are a difficult thing to maintain as stored items. They are any which ways not meant to be stored. Now, how do use this priced possession of yours with your modern sensibilities.

There is certainly both an emotional and vintage value attached to it. You just don’t wish to part with it, but neither are you able to find a way to put it to use. Since, its an old piece of art, conserving this as it is will not be an easy task. What do you do with this carpet then?

  • The carpet may not blend in well in your living room as a carpet, but it surely can as a piece of art. You could frame the carpet, in a good frame, with an attractive mount or simply in glass and put it up on that bare wall of yours as piece of art. The carpet stays both protected and gives a dramatic look to your minimalistic room.
  • If the art form is too much in contrast, how about converting the same in to a beautiful door. A carpet can be converted as a door piece. Get your carpenter, to make a sturdy wood frame with your carpet sandwiched in glass and wood, along with a heavy artistic door knob, and the most unique door is ready.


  • If you want to use the carpet as is, and the carpet has lost its sheen, the first step is to roll it out in a properly ventilated area for at least 24 hours. Let the carpet breathe. You can then take the help of professional carpet cleaners and get it cleaned and polished, and the carpet will look as good as new.
  • The motifs of the carpet can carefully be cut out for a customized place mat size. This can then be accentuated with beautiful borders to create the most beautiful place-mats.
  • A large family picture in black and white or a dull painting can be accentuated with the help of the carpet. When getting a big picture or a pair of painting framed, or small pictures, these can be mounted with these carpets and framed. This will lend a lot of character and brightness to the picture/painting.

A carpet is no more used to just cover the floor, if you are willing to use your granny’s carpet, it can be renovated in various forms and put to use.

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