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Budget Redose: Decorating dining room on a budget

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The task
Dining room is a place to gather around with family and friends where you gather some priceless memories eating and entertaining. Its functional section of the house, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Decorating the dining room gives a new lift to your interiors, and is fun too. But, when it comes to decorating the room on a budget it can be bit challenging. So, if you are planning to give a new look to your dining space but also needs to stick to the budget, here are few tips to save money and make the room a great place to eat and entertain.
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Estimated cost

Trust me these few changes and tips won’t cost you much. Just between $300-$500 you can give a complete new look to your room.

Don’t go broke, try this

1) Start with paint:
The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind, change the paint of your room. It’s not necessary to change the whole room, just paint one or two walls with a contrasting color.

2) Cover the dining table:
Incase your table is old, or has some scratches you can cover the table with cheap plastic or fabric. You can also use the colors in the fabric base for the new decor of the room.

3) Add few plants:
Plants are one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to decorate your empty space. It will not only highlight your room, but also helps to bring in some fresh air.

4) Replace chairs:
If your chairs have gone too old, you can purchase some inexpensive dining chairs or paint and varnish the old ones.

5) Make a wall piece:
Make use of old plates to decorate the walls and hang it in different style for a complete dining room look.

6) Candles:
Candles are the best option to give a new look to the room, and also create a pleasant mood in your dining area. They need not be expensive, you can use a combination of sizes and scents to give your dining room a soft look.

7) Cabinets:
If you have cabinets in the room, you can repaint them instead if replacing them. Techniques such as crackling, faux finishing, and glazing are simple and will save you money.

Thrifty tips

• Plan the look and make list of the items you may require to give a change to your room.

• Always compare the price of the tools and materials purchased as the items may be available for different prize on different shops. This can help to save upon some money.

• Try to look for discount sales or bargain sales for materials that you are going to use in decoration.

• Avoid making use of lamps and chandelier as they consume more electricity.

• Makes sure the items purchased are durable and affordable.

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