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Big Box Agriculture asks you to grow what you eat

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It’s always sensible to grow what you eat. If not possible, seeing it grow around you is the next best thing. Imagine greenery speckled around the cafeteria, and bystanders witnessing the route followed from farms to the stall. Making arable farms and chic restaurants mock at the traditional grocery stores, Forrest Fulton’s pioneering concept, dubbed as BIG BOX AGRICULTURE, quite deservedly, earned a comfortable third spot at the Reburbia Competition.

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While the recession screws small businesses to resign, this concept recognizes the positive aspect amid things falling apart. So, suburban organic farms replace redundant retail-stores and a pastoral atmosphere rejuvenates the parking lots. Direct access to the produce ensures that no intermediary is there. In utilizing the renewable energy, i.e. solar trees, to generate power and greenhouses for better production, the concept goes beyond Wal-Mart’s and all. It’s definitely an eye-opener for them!

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Via: Inhabitat

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