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Five beautiful dresses made using recycled paper

Recycled Paper Dresses

Paper clothing was a popular fashion trend in 60s. The clothes are made of disposable cellulosic fabric that can be recycled. Recently, many designers are targeting the eco conscious people with the paper clothing. These designs are very light and have vibrant looks. Recent studies have shown that recycling 1 ton of paper saves 35 fully-grown trees, 7000 gallons of water and 4.1K units of electricity. Therefore, having a paper fabric can be your eco conscious fashion statement. There are many designs available in the market. Here we are listing five of them for drawing out your appreciation for paper fabrics.

1. Recycled Paper Lace Dress

Recycled Paper Lace Dress

This is beautiful design with paper on canvas. The papers from cans from office are hand cut to give the lace pattern. They were further glued on skirt made of canvas strips. The dress has a vintage fashion look. The design was first showcased in the year 2003. It generated enough applause from fashion enthusiasts. It took the designers nearly 120 hours to finish the dress. The black paper strips make it an eye-catchy piece. You can wear the dress with your own modified shoes to accentuate your 60’s look. The canvas background gives the cloth its longevity. However, I am not sure if they can be washed ever.

2. Linda Filley’s Upcycled Paper dress

Upcycled Paper Dress

Linda Filley is an established paper fashion designer. Her designs are showcased in Paper Trail, Rhineback, NY. Her three dimensional paper frock is a very popular item in the showroom. She used lot of seed packs wrappers, computer paper sheets, newsprints and fabrics to create the beautiful dress. The design comes in both blue and pink color. The designs are so detailed that no one can say that frock is made of paper strips. The flowing pattern of the paper strips makes it look very attractive. The designer designs the clothes as per the requirements. She can even do modification to suit your request.

3. Ready-to-wear-away Paper dress

Recycled Paper Dress

When it comes to paper fashion, this dress will always get good points. It is beautiful piece of art that can be worn as dress. Sylvia Heisel and Rebecca Marshal jointly collaborated to make this dress. The dress wears itself out with passing time. The designers defended the phenomena saying that fashion changes with time, so is the dress. The design is entirely made of paper. It feels like leather at first instance but it fits itself with body heat and movement to reveal out handwritten quotes of great political figures. However, there is no guarantee that it will have any longevity in rains. They even have a quote that fashion gets better with passing time. Let’s hope they are not talking about the fashion without clothes!

4. Paper Dress by Jolis Paons

Paper Dress by Jolis Paons

Jolis Paons solved a major problem with this dress. The design is very spectacular and is made entirely of phone book papers. Every year, phone book has new additions making the old edition obsolete. The heavy old edition finds no use other than being used as paperweight or the raw burning material for ovens. The entire design is hand made with meticulous finishing. I hope now yellow pages can boast about its one more use. Wearing this dress, you can ensure yourself that you will never get lost. After all, you are wearing the yellow pages. Jokes apart, creating something out of those heavy bulky old edition books solves a great problem. These yellow pages use thousands of paper sheets. Throwing and burning them can be a serious environmental hazard.

5. Paper Crane Dress

Paper crane dress

This is another example of green fashion. Yuliya Kyrpo used old newspapers to design this elegant gown. The dress has beautiful bust designs with peacock trains made entirely of old metro edition newspaper. The design is very elegant. However, you will find onlookers more interested in your dress than you will in that dress. They may come close to read the sports news or may be the long metro edition editorials. Keeping away the humor, the dress is really a piece of creativity and having one for yourself will surely make your friend’s jealous.

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