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Antarctic ozone hole may reach the southern tip of South America this year!

a hole in the ozone layer over antarctica has appe

The words ‘ozone layer’ immediately reminds us of the hole over Antarctica without much effort. The same reason that leads us about its thought also keeps scientists keeping eyes on the hole.

The much harmful ultraviolet radiation-absorbing ozone layer keeps the human life from cancer outbreak.

But, we do not seem to stay protected against such disease for long, pushing all earth species in jeopardy. Yes, shockingly, a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has appeared earlier than usual this year!

Leasing trepidation across the world, worrying scientists and jeopardizing lives, whether the ozone hole will continue to grow until early October will not be known for next several weeks to come, the World Meteorological Organization informs.

If the ozone hole would grow larger than what it was in its record size in 2006 keeps the scientists tensed and pondering. All will depend much on the meteorological conditions.

But, the question arises even when the use of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) has been considerably abated why is the ozone hole growing?

Explaining the cause, the World Meteorological Organization informed that the large amounts of chlorine and bromine suspended in the atmosphere are the culprits. And, that these would likely keep causing or increasing holes in the protective layer in the near future.

Though, the ozone hole may reach the southern tip of South America in 2007, it has not yet reached the point of no return – so, it’s our immediate responsibility to reduce the emission of the ozone-depleting gases like burning of leaded gasoline or biomass.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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