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Another environemtal report, another insult


Wow. India and Asia will be devastated. Beware. Get your act together. Become more and more compliant with every which environmental rule in the book, otherwise you will have floods, uncontrolled movement of peoples, droughts and all sorts of plagues from all our collective nightmares. Now do not think that we a re trying to scare you. As responsible nations, only bothered with your welfares, we just want your survival. Please you carry on following all the Protocols in this world including a post 2012 Kyoto Protocol. We do not need protocols. We are so civilized. After all, our great scientist Watson has proved that you darkies are inferior.

This is what in polite and characteristically polished technical language a report issued by a powerful consortium purportedly concerned about the environment has warned India and the Asian subcontinent. It lays the onus for cleaning up the environment on the poor nations. It does not point out that the US is the greatest polluter in the world. And it has refused to be party to the Kyoto protocol, citing it as out-of-tune with its own economic interests. How does any single country in the world clean up the world if the largest emitter of green-house gases does not check emission?

This report has curiously cited Asia’s geography and population as being conducive to human and natural disasters. To understand this statement we need to keep in mind the source of funding for this kind of research. The white funding agencies want to keep their own interests in mind and scare lesser economies into action. Yahoo News reports that a similar warning had been issued by this group in 2004. But we ask: to what effect? More than being environment reports, these are neo-colonial documents which just want to keep us on our toes while the Western world puffs on.

Via: Yahoo News

Image: Act Now

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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