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Amazing places you can view using Google Earth

aerial Stonehenge  Not much is known about the Stonehenge. It dates back to 2500 BC and was used as a burial ground by people of Bronze Age. It is believed that it served as an observatory while some say that it was a site of worship. On Google Earth, the Heelstone can be seen to the northeast. These structures look amazing standing in the memory of people of the bygone era. krakatau_ali_2011212 Krakatoa volcano  Four powerful volcanic eruptions shook the earth on 27th August 1883. They were so powerful that they disrupted the weather pattern of earth. The sound of explosion is considered the loudest sound ever heard in modern history. Krakatoa volcanic island is situated between Java and Sumatra islands of Indonesia. A new island emerged from the site and is now the site of volcanic activity. This volcano is growing larger since 1950s. The view of the volcano is stunning. 1a717a847c_arizona-meteor-crater Meteor crater, Arizona  This meteor crater in Northern Arizona near Winslow is 4000 feet in diameter and is 570 feet deep. It was created when a meteor of about 54 yards width hit the earth about 40,000 years ago. Earlier it was thought to be a site of volcanic eruption, but in 1903, Daniel Barringer suggested that it was caused due to a meteorite impact. 05_SpringTempleBuddha_China The Spring Temple Buddha  This tallest statue in the world is 502 feet tall if we include the height of the building and the lotus pedestal on which it stands. It depicts Vairocana Buddha, and was completed in 2002 at the cost of $55 million. It gets its name from a nearby hot spring with water having curative properties. Great-Pyramid The Great Pyramid of Giza  Constructed in 23rd century it is the only remaining wonder of the Ancient times that is largely intact. The remains of the great Pharaohs of Egypt are housed in these pyramids. The arrangement of these pyramids represents the belt of Orion. The Greta Sphinx can also be seen in the southeast. Summary: Here are some amazing sites and you can explore many more on the Google Earth. You can explore wackiest of places sitting at home and enjoy their quaint features.]]>


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