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Amazing facts you would love to know about the ants’ world

2293250826_3e04234e27_z Objects on head, 50 times their weight The diminutive size acts as a big advantage to the ants. It is shocking to know that their muscles are thicker than those of larger animals, or even humans for that matter. This helps them to carry larger objects by producing more force. One more amazing thing to wonder is, had we humans had muscles like the ants, we’d be able to carry and roam big cars on our heads! High security – Tap the head and get the way Soldier ants, in certain species have special modified heads, shaped to match their nest entrance. They sit right inside the entrance with their heads out hence blocking any access to the nest. The picture of it would be very similar to a cork in a bottle. When the ants return, they gently touch the sitting ants’ heads to let them know they belong to the same clan and must let in. 4487687071_440943a000_z Population of people is equal to population of ants It is scientifically estimated that there are at least 1.5 million ants on earth with respect to the humans in which 12,000 species of ants exist on every continent except Antarctica. Amazingly, one acre of Amazon rainforest can store 3.5 million ants. Slavery is not just in human beings Ant species enslave other ant species to work for their colonies. Amazon ants are more dangerous. The Amazon queen finds and kills the Formica queen, thereafter enslaving the workers. After becoming adults, their sole purpose is to raid Formica colonies and ensure a steady supply of slave workers. 6177680327_ec8bc29ecd_z Ants versus Humans – competition in farming Ants began farming 70 million years ago. Even before the humans came up to the idea of farming, the Fungus farming ants began their agricultural ventures 50 million years back. More interesting to note, sophisticated horticultural techniques were applied by the ants to enhance the crop yields. Ants lived alongside the dinosaurs As early as 130 million years, ants were said to have evolved.  This was during the early Cretaceous period, which is the last period of the Mesozoic age, and last for 79 million years. This period follows the Jurassic period that makes it evident that ants were found to live alongside the dinosaurs. The fossil evidence is found in lumps of ancient amber. The oldest known ant fossil- Sphercomyrma freyi, was found 92 million years back in Cliffwood Beach, NJ, and possesses an appropriate example of it. This fossil also shows a clear lineage to ants of present day. Summary: Ants are one of the most organized and dedicated creatures on the earth that can simply amaze you with their hard work, strength and teamwork.]]>

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