Amazing artworks by a tree surgeon created out of boughs of Leylandii tree

Art Train WSCG22 resized To complete each of the unique house models, it took almost 500 hours. Mr. Heard specifically chose Leylandii tree for this project because having worked as a tree surgeon he knew very well that a fallen Leylandii is hardly worth anything, and most of the time it is left either to rot or used as fire wood. Mr. Heard also added that he started this project to present his daughters with beautiful house models to play with and he still enjoys it very much when the kids’ faces light up as soon as they are shown these models. Through these bough house models, Mr. Heard also tried to inspire the kids with art that is reflected in every inch of his creative works. He says that he is greatly inspired by the endless rolling countryside that surrounds his home located near the edges of Exmoor. He collected the Leylandii boughs from local trees that usually keep lying around the fields around his home. He surely made good use of the boughs that were supposed to go wasted in the fields. Mr. Heard designed each house in such a way that it had no dead-ends, there is a way for each tower or turret and that every walkway and staircases can lead to a certain room. He made sure that if his model house ever were turned into real ones, then no architectural improvements in design would be necessary. The individual elements used for the houses are handcrafted and are fixed into the house either with pins or with glue. This creative work of Mr. Heard can also inspire a lot of people to make good use of Leylandii trees which can grow up to huge heights if left unattended. According to new rules passed in 2005, due to security reasons like safeguarding the nearby properties and houses, the owners of Leylandii trees might have to pay fine up to $1,000 in the event of failing to cut down the trees.]]>


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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