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Amazing artifacts that have been destroyed

Amazing artifacts that have been destroyed 1364230209_80.177.117.97

  • Egyptian artifacts from Cuming Museum – Priceless Egyptian artifacts were lost and destroyed when the Cuming Museum in Southwark was gutted in a blazing fire. Amongst these was a coin from Queen Cleopatra’s reign, mummies and stones with ancient hieroglyphics inscribed on them. The Cuming Museum had 100,000-strong collection of artifacts and it was indeed a sad day when these priceless artifacts were destroyed.
  • Historic manuscripts of Timbuktu – In January 2013, extremist set fire to a library which had thousands of priceless manuscripts as French and Malian soldiers closed in on Timbuktu. City mayor Ousmane Halle was quoted as saying, “They torched all the important ancient manuscripts………it is the history of Timbuktu, of its people”. One can never measure the degree of loss of history of a culture when such priceless treasures are lost.
  • Amber Room, Russia – A chamber of beautifully carved amber panels was gifted to Russian Czar Peter the Great in 1716 by the Prussian King Frederick William, installed in a palace and sometimes was referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. However Germans looted it in 1941 and moved the panels to another castle in Koenigsberg, now known as Kaliningrad. However the entire collection disappeared soon afterwards in 1945 and till date it can only be speculated as to what exactly happened.
  • The Parthenon – The Parthenon was so magnificent a building that till now even the ruins of this ancient temple, situated in Acropolis is one the world’s most popular and famous sites to visit. The temple was destroyed when Athens was invaded by the Venetian troops in 1687. The Ottomans had stashed gunpowder in the temple and when a piece of mortar struck the temple, it was immediately destroyed. A lot of priceless statues and architecture was destroyed in that disastrous incident.
  • Buddha Statues , Afghanistan – The world was horrified when a pair of 1500 year old giant Buddha statues, carved into a sandstone cliff were bombed and destroyed by militants in Afghanistan in 2001. The carving of Buddha statues was considered blasphemous by these lawless militants and thus it sadly resulted in one of the most priceless treasures’ destruction.


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