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All you need to know about house re-stumping

fffSometimes we do re-blocking or re-stumping for controlling the damage caused by shifting soil. By re-stumping, you can easily raise or lift your house. If you live in a region that is prone to severe flooding then you should get your house restumped every few years because the stumps on the sub-floor are exposed to water quite often. gfdg It is important to recognize the signs that your house needs to be re-stumped. There are many signs that clearly indicate that it is time for reblocking your home. For example, try to find out if the floor seems to be uneven or bowed. The bricks or windows may get cracks. Even the interior walls may start getting cracks. IQT_23-08-2011_BUSINESS_01_BUSI18B_fct500x308x14_t460 The signs that your home needs re-stumping depend greatly on the soil on top of which you have raised the building. You may not be able to recognize the signs properly. According to your requirement, convenience and budget you can opt for full or partial restumping. In partial re-stumping, we need to remove and replace some of the stumps. In many cases, the stumps rot from inside but do not seem damaged apparently. You should do the thorough inspection of the stumps to determine their exact condition. You should contact a reliable and experienced restumping company, which will do some on-sight checking of the wood stumps. They will send expert workers at your home ground. These workers will dig the soil around the house and check if the wooden stumps are intact. They will also check the wood stumps by scratching them. restumping After the examination, they will let you know exactly how much the total task will cost. Discuss with the professionals if you should raise the house and if your house requires full or partial restumping. Generally the residents move to a nearby motel or lodge for a few days during the re-stumping. The contractors efficiently eliminate the old, rotten stumps. Summary: House re-stumping is necessary for the maintenance of your home. You should give the contract of restumping to an experienced and professional re-stumping company.]]>


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