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Alien life might exist on exo-planets

fj Gliese 667Cc: The size of this exo-planet is 3.9 times bigger than Earth. It is a part of the 3 star system which is 22 light years away, and a part of the constellation Scorpius. It takes 28 days to complete a single lap around the planet star. Gliese 667Cb is its neighbor along with the other 5 planets orbiting the parent star. h Kepler-62e: It is the discovery of NASA’S Kepler Space Telescope. Located in the constellation Lyra, the size of the planet is 1.6 times larger than Earth and its distance is 1,200 light years. The planet takes 122 days to complete a single lap around its star, the Kepler-62. It has been claimed that Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f are host to water bodies. jj Kepler-283c: 1.8 times larger in comparison to the Earth, Kepler-283c takes 93 days to complete a single orbit. Its width is half of the Earth’s sun. It along with the other planet Kepler-283b orbits the star. However, since the latter is nearer to the sun, it is too hot to host life. vv Kepler 296f: It is the most exterior of all the planets that circle the star Kepler-296. Kepler-296 is 5% brighter than the Sun and is half its size. Kepler 296f takes 63 days to complete a single orbit, and is 1.8 times the size of Earth. Summary: According to scientists, there very likely is life on planets other than Earth. Many planets have shown existence of water bodies and temperature that are conducive to growth of life forms.]]>


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