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A third of world’s species may vanish with ‘even’ a little rise in global temperature: UN report

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Climate change has already started taking its toll on mother Earth and a third of world’s species run the risk of being just vanished if global temperature rises 2C above the average of the 1990s, according to a new report of the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change.

A synthesis of the works of 2500 scientists, the report spells out in details the feeect of global warming on earth’s inhabitants.

The report said that while eco-system in areas like coral reef, tundra and sea ice face serious threat, billions of people are going to be hit by the cumulative effect of drought, rising sea levels and desertification.

Some 75-200 million people in Africa alone would have to face water shortage and crop failure. The phenomenon won’t spare other continents as well.
The thaw of the Himalayan glaciers would result in massive flood throughout Asia, while heat waves would wreck havoc in North America and Europe. South America may well see parts of the Amazon rainforest turning into savannah, while the Great Barrier Reef is likely to lose much of its coral by 2020.

Next part of the ICPP report would come out next month and it would zero in on how human societies can curb the rise in greenhouse gas concentration and all these findings would be placed in the G8 summit in Berlin in June.

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