7 Items that are a must for every safe and healthy home

safe and healthy home

You consider a variety of factors while choosing the right home for you. However, it is also important to keep your home safe and healthy. There are several items required to keep you, you family members and your place safer and healthier. Read on to know more about the things that are critical to be present in a healthy home.

Fire extinguisher

Several domestic hazards are caused by home fires. To keep yourself and your belongings safe, it is essential to keep a fire extinguisher in your home. You should preferably fix it at a location near your kitchen, as many fires start from this area. As there are several types of fire extinguishers available, prefer to buy a multipurpose fire extinguisher that can handle the basics.


You can actually feel healthier and happier if you have some nice artwork on your walls. Even if you stay alone in your home, artwork is one thing that communicates with you silently. It also reflects your personality in front of your guests and gives them something to talk about. Artwork is a thing that remains with you for a long-long time. Thus, choose it according to your preferences and interests.

All-natural cleaning products

Whether it is about your health or the health of your clothes, dishes and tiles, it is very important to have natural cleaning products in your home. Be it your dish soap or tile scrub, you should always go for eco-friendly products. In these modern times, even items like bleach can be replaced by healthier cleaning products.

Potted plants

Even if you have a garden at the back of your house, you should keep potted plants inside the house to maintain a positive and healthy feel. Nature is always soothing and refreshing for a person. It also purifies the air inside your home. Thus, it is a requirement for every home to possess some potted plants.

Stair rails

Most of the homes have staircases, but do not have railings to hold. It can be risky not to have stair rails, as it can cause injuries to people while they are in rush or have to run in case of emergencies. For older people who may not be able to walk properly, it becomes a necessity to remain safe. Thus, you should get stair rails installed in your home.


There may be times when you need to fix a light bulb or install a simple fixture. You may also need to handle some plumbing or electrical work in an emergency situation. At such times, you cannot always call a repairperson to work for you. It is critical to have a basic toolkit at your home so you may take care of any urgent need.

Window treatments

Window treatments are not only useful in decorating your home, but also in saving your energy bills. While window treatments allow natural light to enter your home, they also block cold wind and heat when the weather conditions are adverse. Thus, you remain safer and healthier when you use them.


Although a home should have various essential items to stay healthy and keep you healthy, there are a few things like natural cleaners, plants and flowers that should never be absent.

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