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7 Eco friendly costumes for green Halloween this year

Costume designing is one of the loveliest ways to enjoy various festivals. So designing costumes for the Halloween party is the best platform where one can show his/her best creativity as by working upon the given themes. But at times it comes in our minds that purchasing costume for only one night could not be affordable so why not create a costume of your own choice and dreams which would even suit you well as well as also display the person’s beautiful creativity without causing harm to nature and by making best out of waste by replenishing and recycling.

So there are some of the self designed eco friendly costumes for the Halloween party this year.

1. Ingenuity and thrusting costume made up of paper

A person can be smart enough to design an exclusive costume with the use of papers. Many and diverse creativity could be done by using newspapers, fliers and other such stuff which we normally get along with the newspapers every morning. This is the best time to utilize the same for Halloween. This will not only be a challenge, but it will also inspire other people to save the world by using the same papers, out of the papers one can make creative masks, bracelets, even earrings if one uses it in a right manner or way.

2. Well sewn pumpkin outfits

One can create a pumpkin outfit which is one of the most creative garments or outfit one must wear in the Halloween. This outfit not only give mileage to the wearer but also adds a distinctive feel. One can make a good use of torn dresses just add padding stuff in the fabric and then one could create wonders. Getting out a shape of a pumpkin from torn dresses and create endless design limits. As this would be the best possible way to dispose off your used torn dresses which you would never like to wear again.

3. Plastic bag monster with a varied look

These ancient foes are well designed green outfits for the Halloween. This will give a tough competition to the best creative dress as this will save the environment from being polluted by inspiring more and more people.

4. Cardboard recycler

One could make a best useful outfit from the waste cardboards. It could be like an alien looking outfit or it could be a machine which would look like a spaceship and would be very diverse with two eyes on the top so to give personalized look.

5. Leafy bushy outfit

One could use green leaves as to make an outfit for the Halloween this year which would give a look of a cleaner planet man or woman. This would set a platform for the eco friendly products to be used in a best creative manner. Some Halloween candies would further enhance the look of the total outfit. Many head dresses can be made along with the help of bushes, flowers and green spongy leaves. And one could create best accessories as to get a funky cool look out with the help of the substance.

6. Wire structured with dynamic fabrics

Wires could be molded or welding could be done in many designs along with a cute and inspiring quote turn it off would be a green idea for the whole world. The head cap could be in the form of a light lamp cap. This would inspire people to switch off the lights when not required. As it would be the right way to save electricity.

7. Lush white whistling costume

One can come up with new and creative ideas as to best suit the theme with white. One can make best use of cotton along with eco friendly paints as to deliver a message of peace all around the world on this Halloween.

So as you can see there are so many costumes you can choose from for the Halloween this year. These costumes will not only help you to dress differently from others, but will also underline the fact that you have made a contribution toward the environment by wearing eco friendly dresses. If we can use eco friendly toothbrushes and eco friendly accessories, then there is no harm in using eco friendly dresses.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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