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5 ways to reuse gray water in your house

Ways to reuse gray water in your house

Gray water is water which is generally generated from domestic activities like shower, bathroom wash basins, washing machines, laundry and is considered as waste. This type of water is normally considered as waste and not reused. Water which contains human waste not comes under gray water it is treated as black water. As everyone knows water is natural resource and is limited. Its formation is slower than its consumption due to which it should be used properly and not wasted. There are many ways by which water coming out of domestic activities can be recycled or reused. Let us see how we can reuse gray water.

1. During summer season, it normally happens that when you open the tap hot water comes first and then normal water. You want normal water and because of that you considered hot water as waste and throw it. But do you know this hot can be recycled in many ways. Collect this hot water in a bucket. This water can be used to water plants, to wash dishes, vegetables, etc. You can even use it to clean your house tiles or floors, or to wash hand.

2. One very easy way to recycle water is to make an arrangement in your home so that bathwater collects directly in toilet tanks. This water can be used for flush. A very common innovative way to do this is use flush tank as wash basin and has a tap on top of it. Whenever you wash hands, water collects directly in toilet tanks which can be used further.

3. Water used for rinsing cloth during washing is generally thrown away. Collect this rinse water to water plants, washing vehicles, floors, tiles or to flush toilets. As this water contains a little amount of detergent, so it can be best used for cleaning tiles and floors.

4. There are many types of equipment which are used to collect gray water and then recycle it are available in market. Home water bowser is one of them and is very popular. Use home water bowser in your home during washing your clothes with the help of washing machine. This helps to capture gray water from your washing machine. You can also use it to collect rain water which flows through down pipes. It comes with a pipe which can be fitted in down pipes to collect rain water and can be fitted in washing machine pipes to collect rinse water. It has a storage component in which water stores and can be used further for future purpose like gardening, cleaning tiles and floor, flush, etc. There are many other equipments available in market which helps you to recycle water like Gator Pro Grey Water Diverter system, Eco care Grey water Diverter Valve, Nylex Greywater Diverta and Neta Grey water system.

5. A large amount of water can be collected from rain. Make arrangement like rain water harvesting system in your home. Collect this water and use it for further uses like dish washing, watering plants, etc.

Some tips should be kept in mind before using gray water:

1. Do not use water which is used to clean dishes as they contain harsh detergent traces which can be harmful. Do not use this water for plants especially edible ones.

2. Water from toilets should never be used to recycle.

3. Use gray water within 24 hours as there may be possibility of increasing bacteria in them. So to avoid them use gray water as soon as possible.

4. Do not recycle gray water from drinking purpose, it can be harmful for health.

5. Keep gray water out of reach of children as it is contaminated water.

Besides recycling water, you should also keep some tips in mind to save water like:

1. Save unused drinking water and use for many other purposes like gardening, washing dish plates, hand wash and to clean floor or tiles.

2. Wash dishes in a dish pan instead of running water. This will save a large amount of water.

3. Use bucket to bath rather than shower. Bathing in shower may delight you but it waste lots of water. Be Eco-friendly and start bucket from today onwards.

4. Wash vegetables or fruits in a bowl rather than running water.

5. Do not overload your washing machines. Use only appropriate amount of water which is needed to wash clothes. If possible use machines once or twice a week. Other day try to wash clothes with hands, if possible.

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