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5 Unique ways to make your backyard green

Ways to go green in your backyard

The green is the latest mantra and there is nothing that can be compared to this green change. The green technology has developed at a rapid rate and there is no end to it. This green technology can be easily applied in house and people are trying new and unique ways of adopting this green change in every field.

Most of the things used in the house backyard are mostly composed of chemicals which are harmful in one or other way. So the green technology or you can call it the natural way is the best alternative to all such stuffs. Here is a list of five different ways with which you can make your backyard green and healthy.

1. Natural way to tackle mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the highly infecting insects that are quite common in every house. These mosquitoes are mostly being supplied with chemicals to get rid of them but in turn this chemical is quite harmful to the children and the people staying in the house. These chemicals might result in physical irritation or other diseases and thus are advised not to use. In the backyard there is nothing that can stop these irritating mosquitoes and the only way to get rid of them is to adopt the natural ways. First step is to clear the loggings at your backyard and then look if you have a water feature. If you have one, go for a non-toxic mosquito dunks which are these days available at most of the garden centers. While coming to the mosquito repellent, the scientifically proven natural element that can be used is lemon eucalyptus. Citronella oil and cedar oil also works pretty well in case of mosquitoes.

2. Use a rain barrel in your backyard to save water

Water scarcity is everywhere and people are finding ways to overcome it. The gardening in the backyard of your house requires plenty f water and at present situations it is hard to get water at cheap rates. The best alternative to this is to go for a rain barrel. This rain barrel is easily available and can be easily installed without any hassle. During the rainy days, the water flows through these barrels and is provided to the plants and trees in the backyard. This way plenty of water can be saved and ultimately it will result in lower rate energy bills. These rain barrels are not just to conserve water but they can also be used as a source to prevent the storm water run-off.

3. Gardening or planting

Gardening is a passion of most of us and we really love doing this particular thing as it makes the surrounding and the ambience greener. The green is what we like and a green backyard would ultimately keep the air fresh and a happy and healthy family. So the gardening has become so famous for its green outcomes and is widely used all over the world. And what could be a better place than a backyard for gardening? Gardening requires quite big area and the backyard is the perfect place to start a garden. It will make the backyard a green place and will ultimately add to the beauty of the house.

4. Use a Grill in your backyard

The Grill is back into fashion and this time it is a green change. The grill what we use in our kitchen is not efficient and is costly to use. And if you have a grill in your backyard, don’t leave it as it is, instead go for transforming into a charcoal grill which can be effectively used to cook and perform various other operations. These grills have gained so much popularity that people these days have actually started going for this backyard grill cooking. A natural charcoal can be used as a source to cook food and it would result in a clean environment and also saving plenty on your pocket as your gas charges would reduce significantly.

5. Make your backyard a wildlife center

This way is especially for those who love animals and want to try to help them out in some or other way. Nowadays the National Wildlife Federation has started a scheme in which a person if he wants to, can start a mini wildlife centre in his/her home and can feed animals. They can convert their area mostly the backyard area into a certified wildlife habitat without any hassle and can start providing food and water to the wildlife. This particular way has become so popular among the pet lovers, that they have started a mini wildlife care center at the backyard of their house.


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