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5 simple, yet unusual ways to conserve water

Outdoor water conservation.

One third part of our planet is occupied by water but still we have scarcity of water at most of the places. The reason behind this scarcity is that we make use of only one to two percent of this water. Over the years, for same reason people are given wide scale awareness for ways in which water can be conserved. Water is a basic need of every human and it is hard to live without water even a single day. Hence water conservation is the concept that should be strictly followed to meet the needs of growing population. So here is a list of 5 simple, yet unusual ways of conserving water.

1. Order water in a restaurant if you are going to actually drink it

Save water at restaurent

This is one of the major ways of conserving water. Most of the time when we go inside a restaurant, we can see glass full of water placed on table. These glasses of water are partially used and are left as it is. At an approximate rate, daily so many glasses of water is wasted and also it cannot be reused. So next time when you go with your family or friends to a restaurant, do remember take the quantity of water that will be sufficient for you. Don’t fill up your glass to the top and waste it like other people do.

2. Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pot of water

Water conservation while washing vegetables.

Most of the people wash their fruits and vegetables in running water. This leads to extra wastage of water and this waste water is really hard to reuse. Instead we can make use of a pot of water to wash fruits and vegetables. This helps in saving plenty of water every day and also helps in the conservation of water. Next time before washing your fruits, do keep this way of washing in your mind.

3. Check outdoor hoses, faucets, and sprinklers

Outdoor water conservation.

People these days don’t really care for water and when they see any leakage or any wastage of water, they hardly respond to it. Not only inside the house but also outside we should try to conserve water is some or other way. The outdoor hoses, faucets, and sprinklers are major source of water wastage. These should be checked regularly and constantly to make sure there is no water leakage. If there is any such leakage, it should be fixed immediately or get it changed for a new one.

4. Use the same glass for water

Use the same glass for water

Next up is the usage of same glass of water that could help out in preserving a good quantity of water. Most of the people these days use a new glass every time they consume water. This new glass is first washed with water and then it is filled. This results in wastage of water and simple solution for this is to use the same glass of water every time you consume water. This will reduce the quantity of water wasted on washing new glass every time. So next time think twice before making use of a new glass for drinking water.

5. Reuse your cooking water

Save water while cooking

One of the simplest way of conserving water in day to day life is to reuse the cooking water. Cooking requires plenty of water and this water mostly ends up down the drain. Instead this water can be used for some other purpose and can be reused effectively. Next time, keeping the water conservation in mind, save the water and reuse it in an effective way.

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