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5 Most incredibly hairy people

FreakPack Growth of hair in human body varies from person to person. Some of us may have thick hair whereas some may have very thin, but more or less, we all have hairs and we don’t like to imagine ourselves without it. But, we seldom wonder what it is like for people who are born with excessive hair and incidentally, most of us are not even sure if such a thing exists. So, here is a list of some people around the world who suffers from rare diseases that result in excess growth of hair all over their body: Yu Zhenhuan (China) Yu zhenhuan or the Hairy Chinese Kid first came into attention in October 2012 during the first edition of Karl’s Educating Ricky. There, it was revealed that Yu was quite hairy and even had trouble hearing because of think hair growth in his ears. He was born in 1979 and as a two year old, he started to grow hair which eventually covered almost 96% of his body. Jesus Aceves (Mexico) Born in Loreto, Zacatecas, Mexico, Jesus Chuy Aceves suffers from a rare condition called as hypertrichosis. This condition enhances thick hair growth over his entire face which makes him look like a werewolf or a monkey man. He has two daughters and one of them also suffers from the same condition. Chuy was also featured in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” books in 2007 as well as in Guinness World Records. Stephan Bibrowski (Poland) Stephan Bibrowski (1891-1932) was born near Warsaw, Poland in 1891 with his body covered in one inch hair. His mother blamed her son’s hairy condition on an incident where she witnessed her husband being mauled by a lion while she was pregnant with Stephan. Better known as the Lion-Faced Man or Lionel because of his entire body being covered with long thick hair that made him look like a lion, Stephan lived as a famous sideshow performer during his lifetime. Pruthviraj Patil (India) Born in the district of Sangali near Mumbai in India, Pruthviraj Patil suffers from a syndrome known as “Werewolf Syndrome” which causes thick matted hair to cover all his face and body. His parents tried various treatments like laser surgeries, traditional Ayurvedic treatment and homeopathy but, unfortunately all of them failed to cure his condition. Supatra Sasuphan (Thailand) Born in Thailand, Supatra Sasuphan is a 13year old girl who suffers from werewolf syndrome. Because of her syndrome that causes thick hair to cover her entire face and body, Supatra faces hardship every day on her way of living a normal life. She is also featured in the Guiness World Records and is one of the few people suffering from Ambras Syndrome that has been documented in various history books since the Middle Ages. Extensive research has been going on for the exact cause of this syndrome which is believed to be faulty chromosomes and also promises to deliver a cure for baldness in the future.]]>

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