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5 most incredible monuments in USA

The United States of America is a beautiful country with a rich history and a deep culture. It is one of the most developed nations in the world and is a world leader in almost every field. There are many notable monuments in United States but we will talk about five of the most incredible ones. Monuments worth mentioning in the USA

  • Statue of Liberty: this monument is perhaps one of the most popular monuments in the United States that is known across the globe. It would not be wrong to regard Statue of Liberty as the symbol of the United States. This particular monument is located on a separate little island in New York City. This particular statue is actually a gift that was gifted by France’s people in the year 1886. Since that year this statue became symbolic of freedom plus democracy across the world.
  • Mount Rushmore: This one too is one of the most incredible monuments in the United States of America and its fame is spread all over the world. It is located in Keystone and it was completed in tenure of almost fourteen years and it took the hard labor of around four hundred workers to complete this monument. This monument is actually huge visages of notable presidents of USA namely George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.
  • World War II memorial: this one is situated in WashingtonD.C. and is one of the most visited monuments in the United States. This one was opened for public in the year 2004 and is located in middle of Lincoln Memorial and the Washington monument. There are fifty six granite pillars in the memorial which are inscribed with the names of the nations that took part in World War II.
  • Washington monument: this is located in Washington and is an ionic monument of the USA. It is a huge obelisk standing right in the middle of Washington D. C. and it was partially completed in the year 1848 but it was completely done by the year 1884. It is constructed from marble, gneiss and granite and commemorates President George Washington.
  • Lincoln memorial: it is yet another amazing monument located in Washington. It is one of the most visited monuments and can be found at the end of National Mall. This is obviously dedicated to an ionic figure, Abraham Lincoln.


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